Monday, April 14, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

1. I say sorry because I didn't write anything in a while (I hope I can say 'we are sorry', including every writer.) It's been two weeks with no posts... sorry, again.

2. I plan on writing a series of reviews. Yes, strange. The idea is to review a game + its sequel, compare them, decide what was better on the original one, and more. I think I'm going to start with Dark Cut, but I'm not sure. Did you know The Last Stand 2 and Sonny 2 will come out soon? These probably get in too.

3. Check out FRAGM3NT's post about actual COCAK status. He's the owner of the blog, something you already knew.

4. Do you know how much time takes to make a well-formatted post, with images, bold & italics, and more? For example, Tarnation took me near two hours to format only, and to be honest, I wrote nearly anything useful.

5. I was also busy uploading some videos to my YouTube account, FocusYa. Feel free to susbscribe... it's nearly 100% flash games, and there are videos never posted on Cocak. Of course, they get there first.

6. Please leave comments! I wrote several reviews and got no comments. That's not encouraging to write more. In this post too, we want your opinions! It's easy, you don't have to register!

7. There are lots of Kongregate-related fan sites, not only COCAK!

Ok, this post suits better for a personal blog than one for reviews & guides of a gaming site with 12 writers. Anyway, hope we can see Reviewing Sequels soon. See you later!


Anonymous said...

Here's a comment for you: GET TO WORK! I hope that was good encouragement ^-^. Oh and, first. And to think I was going to lower your priority on my RSS page D:

Focus said...

Lower priority if you want, did you check 3.?

Another reason... it's easy to write a picture guide for Hexiom (when I took pics for all 40 levels). But is there any tip I can give you for Warlords or Boxhead? I'm not a master at those games, and if I told you what to do I would be lieing.

Anonymous said...

Ya i too am having lots of trouble on warlord too
thank you so much for everything so far guys and good luck in your studies
any help you can give would be awesome
like a guide for warlord