Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warlords: Call To Arms Guide

Warlords is a fun little game added to kong a couple weeks back, and since no guides have been posted, i feel inclined to write a quick guide for those who need help. The "demand" from focus's post also factored in :P

General Ideas

1.Turn autosend on. Go to options, and enable that option. Makes completing the game take less work.

2.Charge your most powerful unit. Self explanatory.

3.ONLY send units down one lane. For most cases, it doesn't matter if your opponent is sending units down another lane. Hell, it might even be better for you (if they send an expensive unit down another lane, thats more time wasted for them.).


1.First, your race. I personally picked trolls for the uber unit, and though others despise trolls, i like them, and suggest that you do the same. Any race that has a decent uber unit and doesn't have - points in swordsmenship will work.

2.Start by taking some easy territories until you have 800 gold, then go ahead and buy your mage.

3.Now, my general strategy was to basically spam swordsmen in the middle lane, with sword charges and a single mage behind them supporting them. The mage really helps, so be sure to get one and replace it when it finishes/dies. I generally go 5 swords, then 1 mage, then mass swords till i have to replace a mage. Charge with swords/mages; doesn't really matter.

4.Go ahead and do some of the harder territories now (i did the demons, but it took me some tries, so i would suggest saving till you have giant trolls before going after those), until you have 3200 gold, then buy giant trolls. ONLY use giant trolls for charges: never make them as a single unit.

5.Use your gold to upgrade swords/armor/speed. Go ahead and do the demons now: should be easy with troll charges. Feel free to spearman spam halfway through the troll charge if you wish during the troll charges: the trolls tank and kill everything. Switch back to swords after trolls are done with their charge.

6. After the demons, just do the territories from hardest to easiest, shouldn't be hard at all.


Dwesk said...

Thats pretty good guide, but i've completed it with undead spearmans :D

Anonymous said...

I chose Undead and spent my first 500 on thier strong unit. It starts at +3 and they start at 40 damage, so that means 55 damage per unit from the git go.

Since you make more money per kill, and not by how quikly you win(I personally think there should of been a time bonus for alternate stratagies), this is a great stratagy, as you can get your uber quickly. After that, I got more armor and speed, as well as a few points in spear men so they could take out the ranged enenies quickly.

I would take the curretnly highest rated territory each time, excpet I saved the demons untill all the other unconqured regions were low numbers(<20%). THis stratagy worked well for me.

I belive my buying order was:
Halberd(starts with +3 for undead)
1 point in armor
Flailer(Undead Uber)
1 point in speed

[Long pause in buying since I was able to take over 12 territories with no difficutly this way... also, it let me save up alot of money from killing alot of guys]

With the money I saved up:
3 points in spearmen, 2 more points in armor and 1 in speed all in one go.

I beat the eniter map with out a singe beat and they were all landslides except 1 demon map.

A +3 Halbred with +1-2armor is a even match for any any sword and will easly over power a spear with out stoping. 3-4 will be able to swarm kill and mont or uber, with only 1-2 losses against the ubers(LOTS of damage, so quick kills).

Savign your carge and using it on the flailers would always give me a masive lead, as nothing could stand aginst them backed with a few spear men to take out archers and mages.


David! said...

It's a very good guide !
It helped me alot with everything, although I disagree the Demons are hard :P I found everything quite easy (Still it was a fun game to play)
Keep up the good Guide work! ;)

Anonymous said...

The guides were quite useful, but yeah the demons are very herd. I had to do pure scouts to beat the demons. I used undead but their halberdier (is that how you spell it?) gets quite weak when fighting on harder levels. I really enjoyed the game and found it quite hard. By the way I played according to the other guy's undead guide (the very long one, written by anonymous).