Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Impressions Review - Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3!

Now with 2 more impressions!

Super Crazy Guitar Mania Deluxe 3!
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2, a game that was highly popular with the Kongregate Community now has teh sequel to it! The series is a trilogy now. Is the third game truly better than the other 2? Or did it destroy it? Here's a look from our editor's perspectives.

The Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe Series started off in the early 2005's (?) , which first showed the engine of the whole game, and a middle bar that players had to hit the notes at, which made the bar decrease. The game was highly improved on the second installment, removing the bar and making the game seem more stylish. Now, we have the third installment out. How did it fare?

Syl's prespective:

Note: I have only played one song, and got one medal on it, before I came and wrote this. That's a first impression :D.

When I first came and saw at Shinki's website about SCGMD3 being released on Thursday, I was like "mmmk."

Then it came, Pere announced it in EpicMafia, so I was like "TIME TO PLAY!"

Loaded the game at Kong, gave it an early 5-star rating, then went in. Heard the voice, and I was like "mmmk, sounds different, still okay, I guess". Read the instructions, read the guitars, then played the game.

I looked at the first song, and I already had a complaint.

No, it wasn't because of it being rock, or else I wasn't playing the real game. Or was it the difficulty, because the first song is mostly easy.

It was the length.

Some of the songs were too long. The complaint about it, is that I really wished that the songs were much more shorter.

It makes the song seem more like testing your endurance rather than testing your skill.

Now, I've played the second one in series and came to love it because of one of it's key points - The song's shortness. Some of the songs are that short, that they're really fun to play with, due to having more skill to compensate for their length. The only song I dreaded playing was Hollywise (or This Way, I forgot), as it was one of the longest songs in that game itself.

Get what I'm saying?

The song length made it much more harder to complete it, due to it being partially an endurance test! That, was my first one. I just went in first though, no worries, this is only a first impression.

First thing I jumped up for joy was this.

Zomg, revamped! The Score System has been revamped to make it easier for people to see if they have made anything wrong. This seems to make the perfects complaint much more smaller, so that people don't really think that they didn't get a mistake as the game said so!

Hits wasn't as important, but still, good to know.

There're new combos now, ranging from x1 to x10, as far as I've seen. Pretty good, considering the floating animation on x10 (oops, I spoiled it.)

The next complaint I have isn't major, but more about simplicity.

I liked the second game because it was simple. 2 lines, with 3 'a' 's' 'd' lines. This is more complicated, with 4 lines and 4 '1' '2' '3' '4' (or asdf). I think it's neccesary though, as the new button allowed for more new combo ways to be done, and I doubt that a 3 lines, with 4 'a' 's' 'd' 'f' seems nicer. I still liked the second one better though.

The difficulty is much more harder, although I didn't know whether it was the length, or the skill.

Then I quitted, to go do this first-impresion!

So, there you have it, my first impression!


2: Some idiot named Jude.

My epic first impression:

At first look on the preloader, yes, finally, there's a f***ing background that's not white. But why is it a beach? I thought it's Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3, man! It should be some rock concert band and that psychotic stickman crazily dancing around and playing the guitar like, of course, a maniac.

When I got into the menu, I was greeted with a stickman than the last two games. He looks freakin' wicked since he actually has a face. You get 14 songs, I believe(?), and although it's fewer than the last two games, there are some good song choice and although I didn't check. When you start playing the song, please turn off the voice. It is hilarious, that's all I can say. I like the new layout and you're able to change "ASDF" to "1234" for those long bars. They even give you a Hits counter and a mistake counter so if you screw up without knowing, you could always check that out and restart if you're a badge achiever. They show when this song is gonna end and FINALLY, YOU ARE ABLE TO TOGGLE THE DAMN EFFECTS, HOLY MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!!

After playing a few songs, I believe this has the potential to get a 8/10 or a 9/10. I'm not really in-depth since this is a first impression but if I am given the chance to review, I'll review constructively, as I always will, and be awesome, as usual. No games are perfect unless it's Super Ban Jude :D (From Syl - Idle is better than Super Ban Jude.)

P.S SCGMD3 is actually Some Crazy Genius Medical Doctor 3. That's what Nabb said. Kudos to you if you guess who is this SCGMD3.

3: Malachi

When clicking the link to long anticipated SCGMD3 (I still think the developer should change this name... Way too mouthy), you are met with a nice beach scene and the all so familiar--yet improved--stick man. My first thought (besides the long name), was how much the graphics had improved. The game had evolved from graphics that were cartoonish, teetering towards childish, to a larger and more detailed brethren. Additionally, the sounds and voices are a bit less obnoxious--a relief.

As for the actual game, the ASDF keys, as a default, have been changed to the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys. The horizontal scheme, I believe, makes the game more convenient and shakes it up a bit in terms of the control scheme. The larger size of the game also allows for a bigger place for the notes to come through, statistics below, and a nice little bar showing how far you are through the song. From my first few minutes of playing and competing one song, these are my first impressions, and I'm liking what I'm seeing!


What are your first impressions of Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3? Type it out on the comments list, or send it to my profile as a shout/whisper, and you might get your perspective to this list! Doesn't have to be as long as mine, just a line or a word can do.


Focus said...

I promise I make a review :) but please... fix the text size.

JudeMaverick said...

Actually, the ASDF is for guitarist wannabe. Check out the instructions on SCGMD3

JudeMaverick said...

I mean 1234.

Anonymous said...

i like playing while holding my keybord like a guitar

Steven said...

It's not so much as the length of the songs or the new layout. (which I liked asd much better than asdf) It’s more of a toss up between the song choices or the difficulty setup. The songs in part 2 were much better… I liked the songs so much I ended up downloading them to my mp3 player. the songs were much cooler and more ‘rockable’ too. And if it not the songs on part 2 there was the setup with the two separate lvls to play on. That not only made it more of a challenge but it made it seem like there was a lot more to play on. Lets you play if your not all to good… and then has the next lvl for the hardcore rockers! But idk… maybe if they come out with a part 4 they will take all the feedback into consideration. But if you can pull me away from myspace as long as you did with these great games Shinki... your doin something right! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hey ppl wassup i completed the 2nd all perfects really when i started with this one i was like wow look at the graphics i downloaded it btw to use on my laptop when im traveling then i use asdf normally 1234 when istarted out i could even get bronze and the skill makes it harder the right side songs really tire u out so be sure to have enough time to play em the most anoying ones are the red ones u need to press alot and my mates complained alot to me cuz some computers cant hold 3 keys if the maker sees this plz if u mage the 4th make a diffulity lvl like in dance dance revolution dude its so much better my lil bro wants to do this but he only gets 2/10 of the notes i mean its so damn<-sry hard to play this game i think its made for elites btw you can all contact me on youtube as miciso666 currently looking for a way to get all guitars by using cheatz no scores i love the 2nd last guitar :D shizzay!