Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey all!

Just writing on finals week to give a site update.

This friday I am going back home for the summer!

Which means I am going to have alot more free time and time to dedicate to COCAK!!!

So first of all I'm going to work on catching COCAK up to Kong and putting us back into the eye with plenty of game guides, speculation, news, reviews, and more!

Once again COCAK will be the one stop place online for all community related news and business on Kongregate!

Sound good?

BTW will be on hold indefinitely, although I must admit the layour may change for here as it may just be all that easier.



Any suggestions for new features or articles please head to the comments!


CortJstr said...

I'd like if it was easier to find which posts are Badge guides specifically. I came to Kongregate fairly recently and still have a mess of badges to catch up on.

Focus said...

I want something related to chocolate on the site, if that's possible.

Good luck this week!

Focus said...

I think I should get this clear - it was a joke.

Entombor2 said...

I want moar money D:<
Howza bout mardek and amberial guides :?P

NorthernPolarity said...

Do you really NEED a mardek guide? I mean, I'll play it again if you really want one, but meh. Most of it is self explanatory. I might make one if I have time, been so busy with AP testing and stuff that I couldn't even make a SCGM3 post >.>

Klagis said...

Always glad to hear of more time for postings :D

My suggestion is the same as cortjstr's...I would like it easier to search for all posts related to a certain game...For example if I want any posts about Desktop Tower Defense, when I search for that I also get other posts that are about other games but mention DTD which I don't need because I was looking for badge posts(mmm badges) but yeah, good site so far!

tronlet said...

Well, a mardek guide for the trilobyte keys and stuff would be quite rock.

Sylicas said...

lul ya, i'm back to the blog.

Srsly, I'll get a Sonny Card Challenge up soon.

Focus said...

Thanks Syl. :P

I'll try to do something with SCGMD3 (yes, a week passed by).

Maybe Onslaught2 too.