Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Impressions - Doeo

Focus's Impressions now up!

Three words: Crazier.Than.Lightsprites.

Verdict: You don't have to be smart to know that this game is crazier than LightSprites.

Anything that's crazier than LS is obviously Flash Game of the Year for me.

Yes, this shall be biased.

First Impressions:

So there I was, looking at the Kong front page. Looking at the game avatar, I never realised it's a face - Just thinking it was a shooter.

I was damn wrong, and I'm happy about it.

Loaded finish, I chose the Osaka Flag, to represent of me representing my love to Osaka, from country to history to anime to food. You heard me, I'm gonna damn play this game in that language.

Finished choosing the flag, I immediately heard the theme song - and very well know I will DEFINITELY love this game. Went to Easy Mode, here I go!

This game definitely really is one of the best games ever. It has a simple gameplay, that the creator asked from the real creator of the original game to use.

- Hover your mouse over stuff, and then it disappears.

-Hover enough stuff, and you go on to the next stage.

- Hover not enough, you lose.

Simple, fun, gameplay.

So, anyway, this game isn't difficult. In fact, I would love to actually give you a full length review, but sadly, this is a first impression.

I was taken through the 5+1 stages that it had to offer. This game is pretty short, ranging for about 170 seconds to 200 seconds. That's shorter than most of your average games, even than LightSprites if you play it properly. The game is pretty fun, but the lack of more levels makes it much more simpler than it looks. In fact, the concept could've been expanded furthur ( a certain doeo which triggers an event in the game. ), but I suppose that sometimes being short is the best thing ever.

The Doeo's faces are a contradiction to this game! THIS GAME ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY WHEN YOU'RE ON A TIME- LIMIT D: . 5/5.

The music selections were awesome. They matched the unique stages correctly, which is why I guess it's awesome.

Without furthur ado...

Rating: 5/5 ( Best game eva.)

Pros -

- Short and fun.

- Funny to look at the Doeo's faces.

- Great music.

- AWESOME gameplay.

Cons -

- Short.

That is all. Class dismissed...

oh wait, focus's class remains!


Doeo was a crazy game (I agree with Sylicas), but not as good as LightSprites. Sure, Doeos looked lovely, but you feel the game needs something else. The idea is great, but the game is meant to be played more than twice. It still looks like you should play every level 3+ times or so to get most Doeos. It was clear that some of them came out so fast for your first or second time playing.

Of course, it wasn’t what I expected (for some reason, it looked like Arkanoid-style game on the Kongregate main page. I don’t know why). It still needs improvements, specially giving us something new.


Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with this review. The game is too short, too easy, too boring, you just do the same thing over and over again. I would give it 2/5

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

This game is the ultimate, love the voice that says Doeo, and its just fun to play, could do with more levels, but still a 5/5!


Focus said...

Wheeee, my class is up :)

Anonymous said...

Funny voiced narrator, faces look hilarious, animations fun, hard mode takes practice