Saturday, April 26, 2008

Working on a Sonny Guide

Considering I have no job, no obligations, no well anything for the next.. umm while, I'm making a Sonny Guide and if you'd like to have any hints or tips submitted of your own please post a comment and your hint may get put into the guide.

Things to be covered:

General Walkthrough - Progress Up to third Zone
Beastiary - Progress All Second Zone Added
Weapon/Armor Guide - First and Second Zone Completed
Levelling Guide - Not yet started

any hints on any of these would be most appreciative.




Anonymous said...

All you need to know is how to do the glitch and your fine.

The game isn't long enough to devote that much time to writing a guide for it.

Even without the glitch, the game is simply "level up and get subversion until you win."

Syl said...

Glitches ftl, besides, Cocak isn't a place for Glitches / Hacks and stuff like that.

Anyway, levelling is pretty easy. You can choose to keep grinding at Stage 1's Boss (the 3 ZPCI members), and get easy EXP in it.

Exantris said...
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Malachi said...

Exantris, nothing here uses a cheat engine. I don't know where you are getting that info from... Fragment, please delete his comment, we don't need even more people using stupid glitches... x_x

Anonymous said...

For those who don't want to wait there is a pretty good one here.
How its sinjid walkthrough isn't good so...
Thier way to go fast but if you get unlucky you'll die.
This way for slow but you will win.

Get full level block and subversion.
Get at least 5 (hopefully more regen)
Get a healing move. I recamend reform but heroic motivation can work too.
Then get a pretty good offensive move or two.
I used void and shatter bolt.
Put supression, subversion, and two blocks in the circle. Your allies will die so don't both with reenergize. as long as your regen is good enough.
Get your health reagain move.
Then get some offensive moves.
If you have low speed (50 and below) get it to 50
Otherwise do strenth or magic whichever will help you do more damage.

Start with a shatter bolt and hope your teamates hit him.

Once thats gone use block, attack, block, attack, supression, attack, block ECT. Mix it up with a shatter bolt so you can get some for sure miss free hits. Also it gives some time for your regen to work magic. If he ever gets his mana to 1000 well you have a supression on either use block if you can or subversion. Thats why the subversion is there.

IF you do this you'll be invincible.
It'll just take a loooong time to deafeat him.

P.S I recamend having amber. She can get some heavy hits on him before she dies and cut a while off your time.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say I was only level 22 when I beat the game and the only one who gave me trouble was Omen.
So once you get past him your probaly don't need to level up.

ExtremePopcorn said...

You guys don't endorse glitches? But you totally recommended the trick for the impossible badge on Hexiom?

Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

not sure if this was covered, but you should also give a walkthrough on the best way to master specific skills to kill bosses, such as being a Destroyer and being able to kill the 1 million hp boss.

Focus said...

Ehhh, actually, ExtremeP, that was me, and I'm sorry about what I did. No one told me I was doing something wrong, and I just didn't know so. I wasn't sure what was right and what was wrong, to be honest.

Luckily, Moonkey solved it one day later - and few people took advantage of that glitch.

Kevin said...

Actually there is another trick.
I haven't done it and don't really want to though.

"How to Kongregate" said...

I have a review/walkthrough for Sonny that is suitable for everyone this time; it's more generic and not into all the details, but I guess I'd like to leave some fun for the players to explore on themselves. You may check it out at here.

Anonymous said...

For sinjid: just defeat him by using a whole lot of shatter bolts, break and disruption as well as aggression for amber.

Amber and the other healing guy can take out the two lousy lvl 0 guys in seconds.

Then I just spam shatter bolts, break and disruption. The sinjid cannot even fight back