Friday, March 7, 2008

Focus on: -Music in Motion-

- Music in Motion -
Fixed Boss Glitch. This is not your standard music based game. It is an experimental game to test how music and platformers can mix. You do not have to play to the rhythm, but rather the rhythm plays with you. This is an exciting combination of Music and Platformer Genres, with 4 stages that have 4 different play mechanics. It IS all centered around your average platform game, but with a very large and musical twist. This is probably my most original flash I've made in a while. Caution: The game is pretty tough, and it will most definitly take you more than one try to make it through the whole thing. The final boss is pretty challenging, but very possible to beat.
Created by: Coolio_Niato
Currently rated: 3.47 avg

Another game by Coolio_Niato.
Yes… you guessed.
It’s a rhythm game.

It was a while since Coolio’s last game, Rhythm Fireworks 2. Actually, it was Paint Wars, but it wasn’t uploaded to Kongregate. After near a month of waiting... we got Music in Motion! 4 levels of (intense?) stickman jumping. Since the gameplay is different in each one, let’s go level by level, shall we?

Run and Jump
Everything is moving to the left. The guy is in necessity of going to the right part - so that’s where you must run. If the level is faster than you and you get lost in the left (Which is very possible due to the randomness of the sizes and positions of the blocks) you will lose a life. The blocks will appear in sync with the music so be careful, be fast… run and jump :-). The main problem with this level is the camera will follow your guy. If you jump everything will go up, the ground will disappear and you don’t know where you will land... unnecessary lose of lives. And he jumps really high.

Falling Blocks
So you finished the previous level and got three extra lives. Way to go! That’s the same as nothing because you will probably lose them in this level. Blocks fall and disappear in sync with the music. Try not to be under one when it’s falling because... oh well. The music is the same one on the menu, and one more track wouldn’t make the loading time much longer.

Disco Disaster
I thought it was enough with squares and rectangles, but now circles and spikes?! Anyway. The gravity here is so strong you’ll be able to walk around that big green circle. Of course, the previously named spikes are those colorful things appearing from nothing - and yes, staying near them costs you a life. The camera issue still wasn’t fixed for this level (since the guy didn’t lose his jumping ability, which makes you think what’s going on with the gravity there). About the music: my favorite song in the game.

Final Boss
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2. You beat all 5 levels... and that was the boss?! That silly jumping bunny? No offense to Brad Borne, but it was a disappointing ending.
Well. With Music in Motion you will feel something similar. The music is boring, and since he must move in sync with it... the level is boring. He jumps and sends waves (Yes, I lost a life when taking the screenshot) and also shoot bullets from an invisible weapon. After a while he’ll calm down and relax, and of course he’ll show his weak spot... guess what? His head!
After 3 boring loops of 30 seconds (read: after you hit him 3 times), he’ll fall. And then, you’ll be rewarded with something you wouldn’t expect: Crazy frog! That annoying song appears on the Congratulations screen. Oh my God...

The screen depends on your gaming skills.
Then you are sent to Main Menu again. Try to beat the game without losing a single life!

Although it’s a well-done game, I must agree it still needs polish. Things like this

shouldn’t happen: the stickman can’t jump that high, so that’s a life lost. You may also be unlucky enough to fall in the same hole when you revive, where you’ll lose another life.
Another example is Disco Disaster: In that level you’ll clearly see the collision detection needs some work.

Oh, thanks, I thought it killed me.
There’s no need to name more, since you will discover them by yourself after a few tries.

The game seems great at first, but you’ll discover its flaws soon. How to improve it... a level selection screen? Unlimited lives mode? It could happen. If the developer took a few more days to fix the bugs/glitches, the game would get a higher score. But for now...

A few bugs to be fixed. Fast loading time and a new music game style. 7/10

Lots of colorful blocks on the screen, changing color backgrounds... but nothing else. I expected better graphics from the stickman and boss. 6/10

I would prefer waiting a bit more and having better sound quality. 4 different songs. 8/10

Camera should be fixed, many issues with levels. 6/10

Lasting Appeal
An original game with some annoying bugs to fix.

Overall - 6.5 (Not an average)

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