Friday, March 14, 2008

Starfighter Badges

Beats Mowing Lawns Badge (easy – 5 points)
Mine, deliver, or kill your way to $3,500 in Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy

Missionary Badge (medium – 15 points)

Complete 5 assassination missions in Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
Warship Destroyer Badge (hard – 30 points)
Destroy 801 warships to unlock the Destroyer or Warship in Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
Alright, where to start eh? :P

Well, first things first, Human or Alien? I prefer Human, because they have cooler ships/better ships and utilities. Aliens have better weapons, but I still prefer Human, whichever you choose is fine though - It makes very little difference. (More Continued...)


The controls are pretty simple...

Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to fire primary cannon. (Its on your ship automatically)
Z to shoot the primary weapon. X to give a speed boost. Q to dock with a station when you are over it, W for the map.

Those are all the ones I remember, leave a comment if I missed anyway!

(Weapon Select for Human)

I suggest all players get a Laser Beam, and an energy cell, other than that you can really get what you want, just feel comfortable.

Next up, getting $3,500.

I suggest using Assassinate missions, but try to pick the ones that are close to home (aka one sector away) till you get a Hyperspace recharger engine.

For ships, I suggest the fastest one (I believe it is 3 over from the first ship) and it should do you well, I pretty much used it till 201 kills.

For the medium badge, just do as I said up there ^^^^ and do assassinate missions for money and kills, it should be easy.

When doing an assassinate mission the direction you are supposed to go, or the enemy you are supposed to kill is the BLUE arrow, it may also have a distance to target. Basically, follow it and kill anything that gets in your way.

For the hard badge.

Its really all a matter of trucking on, keep trying, and...


If you do not it is very VERY easy to lose all of your progress and have to start over again. So, keep stocked up on lives, if you get low, get out of the sector ASAP.

If there is anything I need to add, please a comment, I will look at it, then post it accordingly.

In other news, I would like someone to write a short Alien walkthrough if possible, I will post it in your credit.

Oh, and to all humans... Come to sector 11-9and join my gang Kongregate Krushers :D

Thanks to Odjn for reminding of the simple button P

'After you select a sector on the map or take a mission, hit "P" for auto-pilot and again to turn it off.'

Thanks! Also, E does a radar of the entire sector (thanks for reminding me) which can also be useful =)


Juze said... :)

Odjn said...

I believe you can press "E" or something and it'll scan the sector (basically just a bigger version of the small scanner on the right) for a little energy. Also, how could you forget the most important button?

After you select a sector on the map or take a mission, hit "P" for auto-pilot and again to turn it off. Without auto-pilot this game would be even more mind-numbingly boring.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you hit 'R' for the long range radar...