Thursday, May 1, 2008

colorfill badges!

colorfill has twenty one levels with 18 regular and three bonus levels, it was also the play of the day on Tuesday, guess what it has badges!

Easy Badge (Prismatic Rampage): Destroy 10 Shapes

Essentially with this badge what you want to do is use a color arrow that doesn't match the object inside. Remember colorfill chooses the side that would obtain less space, so block in your targets in small corridors. Noted here. Notice how I wait for the gears to come into the corridors to trap them into the color.

Medium Badge (You're Doing it Wrong): Duplicate a few shapes
This is actually easiest to do on the first level as there is only one shape, demonstration follows. You will notice that I wasted lines in order to get purple back so I could trap the arrow in with purple so it would duplicate better.

Hard Badge (Spectral Selection): Beat all the levels

For most of the levels all you have to focus on is trap shapes, although the three bonus levels are easier this way..

Bonus 1, 2, 3

You'll notice I try and split it up first as best as I can, and strike for the biggest damage right away, although at the end I don't try to capture pieces because it's too risky and I rather close them in.


Anonymous said...

Bonus screencasts are returning a 404

Focus said...

Every Screencast is returning a 404. I'll make a vid for bonus levels later, yes? I don't like how Screencast works. 50% of videos fail.

Anonymous said...

Nice links, dick.

dh said...

Screencast links were working last night, but not today. Boo! Damn these bonus levels.

Anonymous said...

MAN THIS IS BUDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRAGM3NT said...

Sorry for the 404 everyone, Screencast decided to take a dump and I'm attempting to upload the .swfs somewhere else, although the only place I know is imageshack and it's ungodly slow. So if anyone else has any good hosting site for .swfs please let me know

Entombor2 said...

Does work fraggl3?

Anonymous said...

Flicker it lol