Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekly Challenge/Card Preview #1

Hey all, I'm going to be starting a weekly column where I basically break down the weekly challenge, how to beat it, and what you your newly earned card will be used for in Kongai. The strategies will generally be simple, and only cover the challenge, unless it conveniently works for the badges too. I apologize for the... un-prettiness of this post, but I don't really have much time at the moment; expect a better post next week, or the week after. I also need a name for this weekly series, so please post a comment if you have any name suggestions, or if you don't get something stated in the article! Anyways, onto the Challenge!

Attack of the Disembodied Heads Challenge

Floating heads are everywhere! Fight back to unlock the Valkyrie's Charm card.

  • Rid Tom of his beard!
  • Catch 500 blue Doeos! – This can only be done in "hard" mode, though they don't all need to be in the same game. (Note: This task is for the game "Doeos." Click the link to go to this game.)
These challenges are pretty straight-forward, and it's the first time in a while where you have to beat two games in order to get the card.

Castle Crashing "The Beard"

I personally like this game. It is essentially a big boss fight (which is cool), and incorporates exp and leveling as well (which is awesome). In order to beat him, you do as you would in any boss fight: learn his attacks, and dodge them, while doing good damage and leveling up. This boss fight has two phases: his human phase, and his skull phase.

Tom's Attacks:
Beard Expansion - Tom basically "fluffs" out his beard in an AoE, and damages you if you are close enough to him. Used from the beginning of the battle.

Laser Eyes - Tom drifts off to either the top left or top right side of the area, and shoots a big laser beam that covers the top half of the stage, then goes down and shoots a beam that covers the bottom half of the stage. Used from the beginning of the battle.

Twirly Bread Thing - Tom makes his beard into a propeller. then moves towards you while twirling it. Used after you gained a level or 2.

Bread Drop - Tom goes up into the air at the center of the stage, then drops bread on you. Used after you gain a level or 2.

All-Direction Fireballs - Tom launches fireballs in all directions. Used when he's a skull.


1.The game starts off with tom moving toward you, and occasionally attacking you with beard expansion. Basically, stand so that you have the distance to reach him with the far end of your plunger and are able to attack him, but not on top of him. Then attack him. Try to get combos, and attack the little tombstone thingys if you can.

2.When you see him about to do Beard Expansion, stop attacking, and run away until he's done. Then attack him like usual.

3.When you see him drift off to a side, that means he's about to laser. Stay on the bottom half, charge your magic (hold a), and start running towards him. Immediately after hes done with the top half laser, hit him with your laser, then jump on the platform to the highest platforms in order to avoid his second laser. DONT GET HIT BY THE LASER. You will get seriously pwnt.

4.After a few levels, he will occasionally fly up high to the middle part of the level. Charge your magic, run under a platform, and dodge the bread. After he comes back, you can use your magic and attack him like usual.

5.When you kill him, he becomes a skull. The skull will drift to either the left, middle, or right side of the stage, then use an AoE Fireball move. You want to attack him while hes on his way to one of those 3 positions, and run back when he's about to use the fireballs, so you can dodge them. Then go back up to him and start whacking him, until he's about to use it again, then run back and repeat the process. Charging magic when you're running away helps too. Repeat until dead.


Uh.... Don't suck? Just kidding, just kidding. This game is pretty self explanatory: just play hard mode until you have 500 blue doeos :D

Kongai Preview

This week's card is valkyrie's charm, an amazon item that boosts the speed of all attacks by 2. This item is mainly used with Ashi, although it can be used with other characters as well. Speed is an important attribute of attacks in Kongai: a faster speed attack means you're more likely to hit first, and hitting first is important since if you and your opponent can kill each other in one turn, the higher speed thing wins.

But anyways, this item is essential on Ashi. Why you may ask? Well, more speed on attacks is always a good thing, but this allows her to be able to beat some of her "counters" a lot easier. Cornelius is a card that has a speed 6 move that reflects any attack slower than it back at the enemy. Ashi's most powerful attacks are speed 5 and lower, so Ashi is at a huge disadvantage vs Cornelius, since he can just reflect attacks back. With Valkyrie's charm, Ashi's slower moves are now fast enough so that Cornelius's reflect has no effect on her, essentially countering Cornelius. Also, her fast attack now becomes the fastest speed in the game, allowing her to outspeed Higashi and Yoshiro, which might save her from being killed, or allow her to do some extra damage.


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