Monday, May 12, 2008

The Daily Kong

1. Play of the Day

Boxes by Awoke

COCAK Rating: 3/5

This game is pretty simple to play and a fun game to go through. With only two lives it makes it sort of difficult but it's a fun game overall. The game could've had more stuff in it such as different enemies but overall it's a average game.

2. Notable Forum Posts

The Best Chatroom: Semi-Finals!
Sonny 2: Info

3. Kongregate News
Well the votes are in for the Semi-Final round for Best Chatroom, the rooms up for voting are, Stolz, Digg Mark 1, Malfunction, The Van, Mostly Harmless, and Sanctuary


Anonymous said...

it's not Stolx, it's Stolz ! Epic spelling mistake!

Stephanie said...

Is it possible to get a Chronotron walk through? Please?

Focus said...

Stephanie, the game itself has a BIG walkthrough button. I can still make something if you want, but the in-game walkthrough links you to a site with a level by level video walkthrough.

Stephanie said...

Thanks focus, the video wasn't working for me that's why I asked. But I can wait until I get to a better computer. Thanks.

Focus said...

I see. The problem is, I'm not really good at the game :(... I can barely beat it with the walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

You missed out Cafe Kong from the list :(

nontnor said...

you forgot barrens chat it my fav