Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Daily Kong

1. The Play of The Day

by enupgames

COCAK Rating: 3/5

Review: A game where you grow flowers, yea thats right but this is like flowers on crack! Literally intense juggling of objects to protect your flowers and allow them to grow. It's a good mechanic the graphics are sub-par but the game is fun for a few minutes.

2. Notable Forum Posts


New Rumors: Pokemon Platinum


3. Kongregate News

A couple of tournaments have popped up where you can win Kongregate points from winning.

Platform Racing 2 Tourney - 1st - 50 Points, 2nd - 25 Points, 3rd - 10 Points

Theres also a small Kongai tournament for those in the beta, link here!

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