Saturday, May 10, 2008

Review: Brute Wars

Epic Review of Brute Wars

Play Brute Wars now!

It's a weird game. Control dogs, whales, fairies, dragons, puppets and more and control all the dots in the world map. Exciting and addicting RPG!

An Animal are You!

You control animals and conquer castles and big dots. The combat is simple and complex at the same time, giving in-depth strategies. Everything in this game requires strategy from healing your party to combat. An addicting game, I can say.

But I think this game might signify that the human era is coming to an end and animals are becoming more intelligent. We might be the pets of a monitor lizard or reared for meat! OMG THIS CANT BE HAPPENING BUT IT IS HAPPENING!!!!

Ok, back to the review before I go nuts.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are appealing to your very eyes. Especially the polar bear. He folds his arms like he's gonna pwn you. The graphics are really awesome and it has great detail. It's simple and straight to the point.

Gameplay: 9/10

So when you got a fairly balanced or unbalanced party for all I care, you'll start out as a circle with a star. That's where your party at. You move to other big dots and your job is to take over the dots from the enemies.

Anyway, now to combat. Wait a minute, this feels like... Monster's Den! The combat, however, is more complex than Monster's Den. The arrows signify how you attack. For example, two arrows mean you can attack a monster behind another monster/party character. Then, there is this weird twist, in typical RPGs, how you level up is determined by how much EXP you got. In here, if you character survived, you level up however, if your character fainted, you lose a level. Unfair but interesting twist. Unfortunately, the combat is pretty hard to learn even with explanation and took me some trials to master it.

You'll get points which acts like gold in other RPGs. You can buy it to buy food, which acts like potion but heals all, and a syringe that's filled with something which revives your character. The items can be more powerful when you're in a castle.

Unfortunately, since every game isn't perfect, there are some problems to it. The game is rather a pretty time-consuming game and most people won't play more of it unless there's badges associated with it and there isn't any engaging story which is also typical for RPGs. But adding insult to injury, the most horrendous thing about this game is when you start a fight, the word "fight" blinks and that's how you start every battle. It is ugly, annoying, and clearly shows that the developer didn't put any effort into it. What it really needs is a better starting for a fight, like those in the Pokemon games.

Music: 8/10

A thumbs up for music. Fits the mood well and I dig the combat scene music. Interesting dance remix thingy. Not much to say about others except calm and soothing. And if you don't like it, there is a mute button which is cool too considering the fact that many games which doesn't have a mute button :)

Overall: 8/10

Although this game might resemble Monster's Den, it's a really good game. You should check it out even if you beat Monster's Den or hate animals. Or hate me.

The Score:

Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Music: 8/10


NorthernPolarity said...

It sadly doesn't have too much depth to it. Get 3 cyclops and 3 frogs/3 ghosts for ez mode.

Anonymous said...

I just found about COCAK, so I don't know if all your articles are like that, but this one lacks a link to the game.

Etivit said...

FRAGM3NT said...

Fixed it, sorry "anonymous"

JudeMaverick said...

Oops :P