Saturday, May 10, 2008

New COCAK Features

A Few new features are now available for you COCAK users. First thing you may notice is that the Digg Button is now gone. Here comes ShareThis!

1. ShareThis Button: This handy button takes all of the sharing sites you could want and comprises them in a very simple form. Please share, spread the word of COCAK =D

2. Play of The day Sidebar: This section of the sidebar is now available to help promote the Play of the Day

3. Community Spotlight Sidebar: Hopefully this will be updated bunches, please email me suggestions everyone

4. RSS Feed for Badges: This feed aggregates the badges page of thanks to Tehniobium

5. Twitter Updates: I'll be using this twitter account to tell you what's up in the world of COCAK and what you can expect.


Focus said...

Haha Josh, I think I took the blog's name on Twitter :P.

Send me an e-mail and I'll share the password, so all writers can use it, of course... if you want.

Miro said...

and the rss for badges is where...?