Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Daily Kong

Gah gotta get myself in the habit of making these more "daily"

1. Play of the Day
Seesaw Ninjas by croakingRabbit
COCAK's Rating: 3/5

Review: Simple game, I like the music although it gets annoying after a while. The mechanic is easy enough and the physics are well laid into this fun, quick flash game. That and it's Ninja-heads on a seesaw, whoever came up with that is awesome.

2. Notable Forum Posts

Chatty chat-rooms
Platform-Racing 2 Tourney
Beta-Test dinowaurs ~ Also check out Intuition Games for more info on Dinowaurs

3. Kongregate News

The Beta is available for Dinowaurs (see Beta-Test dinowaurs).

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