Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Daily Kong!

1. Play of the Day

Briscas by pordiversion
Current Kongregate Rating: 2.95 as of Tuesday May 6th
My COCAK rating: 3

Review: This game is a very clean game and very well done. For the card game itself it reminded me of a spades/euchre approach. I've never heard of Briscas before but according to the game it's a Spanish favorite. The game is quite awkward to get into at first, but assuringly it grows on you. I suggest checking out the How To Play section. One thing I didn't like personally was the music, although there is a quick fix for that in the main menu.

Tips/Hints: I suggest saving a high trump card for the last deal, and any aces you can. Although if you need to take on a 3 with one. Always save a trump for a possible Ace or Three. The only hard part is deciding what cards to throw when you have the lead. Also only having the ability to have three cards in your hand is extremely difficult.

2. Notable Forum Posts

Scores are back!

Chat Host Changed

3. Kongregate News

Servers are back up, and I recommend checking, Chat Host Changed just in case you have to allow Kong in through a firewall.


Malachi said...

I like the new Tuesday art, Frag ;D
Oh, and the news is good too xO

kshar said...

too bad the digg button is blocking the beatiful banner.