Sunday, May 4, 2008

Woah Down Time!

Kong is going to be done for possibly 6 hours! -tears!- wait, I can play Xbox LIVE then. If anyone has an Xbox LIVE Gamertag send me a friend request for FRAGM3NT, remember to put a message in saying where your from!

Anyway the downtime starts at 10 pm PST, if you want to figure out when this starts for you check this site.

So I'll be working on the blog tomorrow, from around 1:00 to 8:00 and I'm going to get a start on the badge page. So you can click and get yourself a walkthrough because the search sucks so much =P EDIT: I do believe search will be quite a bit better from now on

Some other minor details getting changed tomorrow such as updated sidebar information, which pretty much now needs to get changed almost daily.

So there's a news blip for ya


Rensworth said...

Yeah, I read about this in the Kongregate news section. Bit of a downer isn't it? Ah well, it might force me to do some work. And at least we'll have better server capacity when all is done.

NorthernPolarity said...

Also,since they're done with this, they can focus on the new features that we've been wanting: Kongai, improved badge pages, etc. I can't wait :P

Anonymous said...

It's been down for 10-15 minutes now.. how I'll survive for several hours I just don't know... :(

Dbtking212 said...

hey frag add mor8idsuicide on 360, id add you but im banned off everything till june (including this, oh well)

Rensworth said...

Kongregate's not down at all. Just My Profile and the Home Page.