Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm the new cocak writer, Lightsun

Hello cocak reader, from now on I'm going to be a writer here, to help you and here a little self introduction:
I'm in highschool, I'm 15 years old and my real name is Favio. I live in Argentina, and i love video games, and Kongregate. I enjoy helping people, so that is my mission here, help you. In Kongregate i'm in level 12, and i started playing two months ago, i know... I'm not a great gamer!
Well, if you have any doubts, need help in a Kongregate game, or you just want a friend, leave me a shout in my profile, but remember that I don't have programs to make videos, i only can help you with screenshots.
See you around!!


Focus said...

So you are in? Not fair. I had to go through a four-people elimination, which at the end, never happened. :P

FRAGM3NT said...

Yea, although at the end of it all your the only one that posts anymore :P

Malachi said...

I wish my name was Favio.

Focus said...

I do? :P

No seriously, the sensation of finished writing a guide/walkthrough/review and seeing it on the front page, ready to be read, is incredible. The sensation of seeing your review takes forever to write, is horrible.

Multiply my last sensation by three.

mastercool2 said...


I really need help with the game
I cant figure out how it works
some people say its impossible but some say they did it
i dont mean portal the flash version !
this is the URL of the game
if you have any suggestions how to solve the first level please leave a shout / whistle