Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daily Post: Pinball Wizard Hacks

Play of the Day!
The Play of the Day! is a daily column where I showcase my personal pick of the best game uploaded the day before.
FWG Pinball by Freeworldgroup

Controls: Mouse

Quick Review: This game is really polished and alot of fun. Theres plenty of levels and pinball based objectives. The sound loops nicely and goes along well with the game. The control scheme is easy enough, you don't use buttons to use paddles instead you have a floating paddle that you can control. Quite fun once you get into it.

Also check out great reviews for Kongregate games at ACKK

Retro Play of the Day!
This piece takes a look into the games uploaded to Kongregate One Year ago! Thats almost a century on the internet
Hippopond by SandhillGames

Controls: Left and right to move the cannon, Up to power the cannon, Up again to fire

Quick Review: Did you know this was the only game uploaded one year ago. It's a mediocre game although I found it quite difficult and I didn't necessarily like the fact that my hippos sounded like creeky doors.

Notable Forum Posts
Heres a place where the forum gets spotlighted upon, every day there are great threads and heres a spot to keep up on at least a few

Kongregate Hax? Not anymore
Webby Award was last night hope to see pics soon
Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Item Guide

Kongregate News
Kongregate always has some kind of news, we're in beta! Whats going on recently with Kongregate and the Kongregate community

Well Kongregate had a hiccup of sorts yesterday and it made me a little nervous to say the least but it's all fixed now. Also the Webby Ceremony was yesterday were Kongregate received a prestigous webby. Pics soon please?

Am I slacking, probably. Here is a place where I tell you whats up in my world so you can know what to expect from the blog world.

lightsun will be doing some daily posts on the weekends. Yay for lightsun for picking up my slack.


Focus said...

I was kind of scared too.

lightsun said...

No problem FRAGM3NT, it will be a pleassure, I'll do my best!