Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exploring Your Inner Dungeon Challenge

So this week's challenge is a fairly recent game that was put up: Monster's Den. I was addicted to this game for a while, then stopped because of a lack of badges, but since it's up, I guess I should start playing it again xD. Anyways, to the walkthrough!


This week's challenge isn't that hard: all you have to do is score 5,000 points. There are several ways to go about this. Regardless of which difficulty you choose, turn on hardcore mode for bonus points: you aren't going to die anyways, right? Also explore everything, and fight every battle. I suggest doing all the "easy" battles first, use a shrine, do the fearsower battle (if you're playing the new campaign), use another shrine(or go to the entrance to rest), then do the boss. Explore everything and pick up chests first.

Anyways, here are some Party suggestions to go along with whatever difficulty you pick.

Easy : You're going to have to go through more levels by doing this, but I suggest a Rogue/Rogue/Rogue/Cleric team. It's really fun! Get create opening at level 2, and just spam that. Really easy and straightforward to beat the challenge using this party, albeit it might take a little longer.

Medium: You have to play more seriously, but you still have some flexibility. Warrior/Archer/Mage/Cleric works here (or substitute whatever damage people for Archer/Mage), as well as many other parties.

Hardcore: Oh this difficulty is pain... The only way I can think of beating this would be Warrior/Cleric/Mage/Conjurer. You actually have to use blind, damage shield, etc.

As for the badges, I direct you to this thread: Click!
Read the entire thing if you can, but there are a lot of strategies here that work. The first couple of levels are always rough, so don't let that get you down.

Kongai Card Discussion

This week's card is scroll of inner focus. Although energy scroll is good for just about any ninja (since lower energy is good on anyone), it's probably best on Rumiko and Onimaru.

Amaya: Amaya with a scroll is a lot more energy efficient, which is really helpful for spamming shadow wrath and whatnot. However, she recently got buffed (her energy costs were made lower), so it's not that necessary on her. I prefer Jade Figure, since it allows her to take one more hit than usual, which can be the difference of getting off another shadow wrath or curse.

Higashi:Higashi doesn't really need this either. Since Higashi can threaten from afar and up close, he doesn't need to change ranges that often, and thus doesn't need that much energy to begin with. He's probably better off with something else as well.

Yoshiro:Yoshiro's attacks up close are cheap enough so that he doesn't use much energy. The only significant thing that the scroll would do is to allow him to chi blast twice in a row at full energy (which might scare someone into going close or something), which isn't bad, but I prefer generals insignia, flash powder, or even jade figurine on him.

Onimaru: Onimaru with a scroll is pretty good. With a scroll, he can get close -->slash-->slash. Not to mention his flurry becomes a cheap 25en. Onimaru is one of those characters where you have to conserve a lot of energy in order to play him well, and since nothing else is significantly better (girdle might be better in some situations, crane and salve is always nice, caltrops maybe), scroll is a solid choice on Onimaru.

Rumiko: Scroll is probably Rumi's best item at the moment. A scroll allows her to double eviscerate up close (stun hax!), and get far --> shuri --> shuri. It also makes her into a shuri spamming machine, and since no other item is as good (gen's is interesting on her, salve/crane are always decent, etc.), scroll is the preferred choice for most Rumikos at the moment.


lightsun said...

Great walkthrough,really useful.

Entombor2 said...

"However, she recently got buffed (her energy costs were made lower), so it's not that necessary on her." Amaya's a girl O_O;, where are the boobs? Also what is the fearsower battle? I faced a couple legendary creatures and a couple double boss battles but I never saw anything using the word "fearsower".

Focus said...

They made a scroll for me o.O

Jimmy said...

They made the second version of this game and I thought it was alright although I'm not too fond of flash rpgs but you should write a walkthrough for it so I can feature it on :)

NorthernPolarity said...

Yeah, this is for the 2nd version. It's probably too late for a walkthrough, I usually do one if the game just came out: there are tons of walkthroughs available now anyways.

Anonymous said...

Actually I used rouge rouge rouge rouge

Worked really really well.

Have one of them in the back using a bow.
The other three use whatever maxes thier damage.

Dex helps daggers more then strength so increase that three every level.

The three dagger ones get hide, sneak attack, the poison craft.

Kill every level completly so you can go heal with no point down.

Attrition won't really hurt you and you should have a instant retreat on because medium armor has a lot of those so hardcore should be okay.

Tactical will hurt but won't be unmanagable.