Friday, July 4, 2008

ButtonHunt Badges

Rouge Rogue Badge (medium - 15 points)
Hunt down every last button in ButtonHunt

The Hunt for Red Button Badge (medium - 15 points)
Uncover every last red button in ButtonHunt 2

Spherical McCarthyism Badge (medium - 15 points)
Hunt down every last red button destroying our country from the inside in ButtonHunt 3

Here we have the video guides for all ButtonHunts:


ButtonHunt 2

ButtonHunt 3

All these videos are made by me. You can find more at my YouTube account.


Sylicas said...

Hey, there should be a special name for those badge guides that cover multiple games/badges :(.

I can haz change it to Press! Press! Press!?

Focus said...

Eh, no D:

Sylicas said...

Eh, yes plz :D