Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Daily Kong.

Play of the Day!
The Play of the Day is a daily column where I showcase my personal pick of the best game uploaded the day before
Deflection by averagegames
Very nice concept, original and well done. The background needs more improvements but if we add the music, the effects of the ball and the challenge, the final product is a very funny game.

Retro Play of the Day!
This piece takes a look into the games uploaded to Kongregate One Year ago! That's almost a century on the internet.
QWERTY Warriors 2 by Weasel
Nice game, with very good graphics and very good for train your type speed. It has difficults, so if you aren't very fast, train yourself in the easy mode and then try harder ones.

Notable Forum Posts
Here's a place where the forum gets spotlighted upon, every day there are great threads and here's a spot to keep up on at least a few
Unofficial Chatroom Contest
Buggy ole Kongregate...

Kongregate News
Kongregate always has some kind of news, we're in beta! What's going on recently with Kongregate and the Kongregate community
Kongregate is quiet, maybe too quiet... The only news I can tell you is that greg is going to give Platform Racing 2 some badges.

Am I slacking, probably. Here is a place where I tell you whats up in my world so you can know what to expect from the blog world
I hope that FRAGM3NT is ok so he can continue with The Daily Kong this week.

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