Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Daily Kong.

Play of the Day!
The Play of the Day is a daily column where I showcase my personal pick of the best game uploaded the day before.
Ultranium 2 by jadeware
Really nice game, nice graphics, music, but not original. It is perfect for distracting a while, but not one of those games that you love. Anyway, I think that you got to play this game, it has lot of good points: The colours, the background, etc; Make of this a good game.

Retro Play of the Day!
This piece takes a look into the games uploaded to Kongregate One Year ago! That's almost a century on the internet.
Bouncy Ball by Kannushi_Link
Well, this is a simple game, you got to hit some spots with your bouncy ball. Nice graphics, that make a great experience while playing. This game is quite hard, but if you train, you will enjoy more the game. Try it!

Notable Forum Posts
Here's a place where the forum gets spotlighted upon, every day there are great threads and here's a spot to keep up on at least a few.
Suddenly can't rate games

Kongregate News
Kongregate always has some kind of news, we're in beta! What's going on recently with Kongregate and the Kongregate community.
Kongregate is quiet today, but we have three new badges, for The Last Stand 2 ; An easy one, and two medium. It also has the card of the week. If you win the card, I bet that you will adquire the three badges, as well.
This week we where full of surprises and news, but it seems that everything is back to normal again.

Am I slacking, probably. Here is a place where I tell you whats up in my world so you can know what to expect from the blog world.
Today the votation of the new banner finishes! Please vote. FRAGM3NT is doing a great review of every card of Kongai , so if you have doubts at the moment of select your cards, or making a deck, the guide is very useful. Also check, and contribute with this.

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