Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kongai Guide: Phoebe

  Phoebe Card

Phoebe Moveset


1. Can disable items
2. Extremely fast
3. Both long and close range attacks
4. Hamstring is extremely useful range control
5. Powerful moveset


1. Long range moves overshadow the short


With Phoebe the strategy is get away and Rapid Lash your way to victory. Although if using Phoebe as your starter I recommend not switching to long range right away but waiting and using deafening crack (unless they have Origami crane equipped then go for long range). This will make your opponent have a harder time to hit you and they may even possibly have wasted energy to try and make you stay close in the first place with you in an advantageous position of energy and range control. Phoebe is an attacker and use her to your utmost assault.

Recommended Items


NorthernPolarity said...

Move herbal remedy to #3 item, phoebe can't take many hits.

Anonymous said...

Nice boob lol

Anonymous said...

Valkyrie's Charm seems good, i'm not a pro, i just started, after reading this, i realized that she's fast enough already, but against another Phoebe, Valkyrie's Charm is maybe a good choice.

Can any pros tell me if this is bullshit? =D

NorthernPolarity said...

Valks is only good in phoebe mirrors, yes. It's completely useless otherwise (what, make rapid lashes outspeed yoshiros chi blast?). Stone works in all situations (except oni, but phoebe>oni anyways) with efficiency.

kleos said...

phoebe + herbal remedy = anti poison damage dealer

genesisoflife said...

One of the harder characters to counter, but Anex and Yoshiro do well against her. And Valk's Charm doesn't seem that useless for me, but maybe that's because I play a speed deck. It takes Power Lash up a little and let's you hope for a stun.