Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kongai Guide: Helene

  Helene Card

Helene Moveset


1. Very good at close range
2. Can interrupt attacks
3. High physical defense
4. Highest health in the game
5. can switch attacks from physical to light energy


1. No long range attacks
2. Relatively high cost attacks
3. No dark energy resistance


With Helene you want to switch her in up close, this way you have the highest ability to inflict massive chaos. Watch her when up against characters like Onimaru though, due to his ability to completely decimate your physical defense he can screw you up. As I said stay close, and remember that her light energy buff doesn’t apply to Shield Bash as it is blade attacks only. Sword slash is very useful with low energy and try keep close as often as possible

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Crimsonthorn said...
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Crimsonthorn said...

Helene can do some amusing tricks, depending on the opponent.

Most people don't realize that Shield Bash isn't affected by Enchant Blade, for some reason...

A character with Chi Reflect came against me and the range had been set to Far.

I used Enchant Blade, then attempted to set the Range to Close. They attempted to set the Range to Far, then Intercepted.

I responded by setting the range to Close.

When I succeeded, I simply wandered in and attack with Shield Bash.

They used Chi Reflect, believing that I only had Light attacks... and so were stunned, slashed then soundly defeated.

Helene is a decent, if not spectacular character that can take a lot of damage and not blink and will crush most non-close enemies with ease.

If you're looking for a spectacular non-Amazon deck, though... keep looking. There's ways of making her work, but it's far easier to just leave her out.