Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kongai Guide: Ashi

 Ashi Card

Ashi Moveset


1. Powerful close range attacks
2. High physical defense
3. Can knock foes out of battle
4. Can cause incremental damage
5. Can’t be interrupted


1. No long range attacks
2. Generally slow attacks


With Ashi you want to catch your opponent in a close range situation. I recommend Ashi only to experts in Kongai due to her extremely difficult use. Her ability to boot a character out of a match is extremely helpful and I find myself using this ability in most situations, using Ashi as my “GET OUTTA HERE” sort of character. Although there are other characters that do this such as Anex. Ashi isn’t highly recommended, there are plenty of better close range characters that aren’t nearly as slow as her.

Recommended Items


NorthernPolarity said...

Your items are kinda iffy. As Ashi, there are three major items to use: Sharpening Stone, Herbal Remedy, and Valkyries Charm.

Stone and Remedy are for all around situations, while charm should only be used against cornelius.
With stone, sig slice does 75 damage - armor, which is enough to OHKO half the cast. Remedy makes you feel less useless at far, discourages range dancing, and is mostuseful against the small hit stall people, like tafari (but its good overall due to ashis tankiness).
Charm is really only NEEDED in the Ashi vs Cornelius matchup, it's not as good in other matchups, and isn't really needed.

I tend to use Ashi as a spike damage person rather than a power swinger: she can do insane amounts of damage in very few turns
Her as a lead is very powerful, since you can get close and attack/intercept. Bleeding slice is her main move (amazing damage/type for what it costs), and i find myself rarely using power swing (only when i'm at 20 energy). Sig and axe handle are more situational.

You must know when to pass, and when to go close when you're at far. If you think your opponent is going to go far at far, just pass and intercept/rest.

crazieshado said...

um....fragm3nt, i've seen people with the type of card you have, which has a background according to their type (ie martial arts had a redish background, amazon had green), but they didn't have any symbol on them, no K, no R1, no starter printed on them. these look alot more awesome. how do you get those designs of cards?

lightsun said...

@ crazieshado: He just has the original cards, R1 are the second round of cards, it means that they could be adquired in another challenge before.

Focus said...

They are the oldest set of cards. They look awesome.

Also, Frag is only making guides for characters with boobs, you know that Frag :p

FRAGM3NT said...

No I'm making guides for all of them, I was just going set by set..

crazieshado said...

yep, i only just remembered that amaya is in the amazon set *rolls eyes*. speaking of which, the links for the amaya card guide don't work unless you click the read more on this article link. just sayin. amaya with a jade figurine pwns, btw. thx!

crazieshado said...

ooops...i forgot to say something, SINCERE APOLOGY FOR DOUBLE POST!!! man...i'd do a lot of things to make all my cards be the first round instead of those ugly black shadowy ones....so blank! looking forward to pirates and robots set, by the way!