Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New challenge.

Well, as you might have noticed, Kongai has a challenge, a monthly one. You have to defeat three times the Kong-bot, (practice mode) for adquiering the "Man versus Machine Challenge".
This one is really easy, and you have a month to complete it, so relax. The card that you will adquire is Mindreader's Chalice, a really great card.
This is what greg said:
"The Kongai challenge will last through the end of August. It’s meant as a sort of celebration of the launch, and as a way to give new players a chance to earn a very versatile card for their decks—the Mind Reader’s Chalice can be equipped to any character, and it goes along well with a core element of Kongai itself: successfully intercepting your opponent. It’s a pretty solid piece of equipment for nearly any character (obviously not Tafari), and it should help out new players who don’t yet have items for all 3 or 5 characters in their deck."
For more information: Two challenges?.

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