Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm the newest COCAK writer!

Hi, I'm the newest writer for COCAK. My name is PlatinumIce, but you can call me Plat, or Ice, or whatever you want to. I live in the USA (North Carolina, to be specific) and I'm a very active Kongregator and gamer. I own several game systems, and my Kongregate account is level 19 at the time of writing. Anyway, my real name is James (Please don't call me that, though, I really hate it >.<) and I'm ecstatic to be a part of the blog! All I can say now is this: If you happen to see me on Kongregate, feel free to say "Hi!"



smigbob said...

Hi! Oops, I kind of missed by a few websites. :P

Kongratz on the appointment!

Focus said...

North Carolina? crazycruiser also lives there. He writes for the blog, too.

Malachi said...

Hey! Welcome to the team, Plat (now get to work! :P).

lightsun said...

Welcome Plat! If you ever need something, just tell me, and I'll try to help.