Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kongai Guide: Amaya

This is a test post to see if anyone likes the design for what I'm envisioning for a lengthy Kongai encyclopedia of sorts. Anything else to add? (Click to expand the categories)

Amaya Card

Amaya Moveset


1. Has Attacks at every range
2. Can go to long range quickly with Ninja-Port
3. Disables enemy attacks (check the game log to see which move was disabled)
4. Can attack all enemies
5. Good Dark Energy defense
6. Good against enemies with low dark energy defense


1. No light energy defense
2. Weak close range attacks
3. Attacks are relatively slow
4. Dark Chi blast is extremely expensive
5. Low Health


Try and get Amaya long range due to her huge attack with Dark Chi Blast. When up close, unless your deck's ideal strategy is to damage all enemies just try and get far away, although close range doesn't necessarily hurt either. Shadow Curse is a good move when someone doesn't have a Origami Crane equipped. It is especially good if used multiple times, I've seen people bring Amaya in first as a throwaway to lower the accuracy of my entire team so their other characters wouldn't get hit ever. It lasts for quite some time, 7 turns is a long time in Kongai.

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lightsun said...

I love the idea, FRAGM3NT, it would be very useful for the new players of Kongai.

PlatinumIce said...

That's an awesome idea, FRAGM3NT, I'd love to see it the whole thing if you continue with this project!

Focus said...

Incredible, FRAGM3NT, :p

NorthernPolarity said...

Amaya isn't really an "attacking" character, although she is supposed to threaten with chi blast. If you scroll on the debuff that amaya's innate gives to the opponent, you can find out which move is disabled, which is important. Amaya is just supposed to be annoying. Support with shadow curse and shadow wrath, and ninjaport to dodge attacks and whatnot. She isn't meant to deal a lot of damage.

Good idea though, I could help with the strategies if you wish to continue.

Anonymous said...

amaya sux