Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kongai Guide: Anex

Anex Card

Anex Moveset


1. Has both close and long range attacks
2. Can hit fleeing opponents
3. Can knock out opponents
4. High light energy resistance
5. Can turn attacks into light energy


1. Mostly long range attacks
2. Only one quick attack, at short range
3. No dark energy attacks


Anex is a moderate character, she has a single close range attack that is relatively quick although her damage is dealt most often with long range attacks. Anex is a character that tries to force the character to switch out, or forcibly do it yourself. With a attack that hits fleeing opponents and a attack that propels them out of the arena some would consider it power, others consider it another strategy in their deck. If you decide to use her just watch out for those close range power characters. Her long range attacks are slow so I recommend a Valkyrie’s Charm to boost those a bit.

Recommended Items


NorthernPolarity said...

Breastplate isn't a good item on pretty much any zon: all it really does is counter rumiko and onimaru. No one plays onimaru, and rumiko isn't that much of a threat anymore.
A damage item like general's insignia or sharpening stone would be a better secondary item on her.

Don't forget to mention Anex's innate, and how predicting when it procs (and whether your opponent knows when it procs) is important to doing a lot of damage as well (due to the actual damage boost or an intercept).

Enchant blade has also been buffed enough so that its worth it versus tanks.

FRAGM3NT said...

thanks for all the tips northern.. you help quite a bit :] I'll be editing tomorrow, and if you'd like the word template I make these with just ask, so that way you can make some of your own.

Anonymous said...

anex sux

EsIeX3 said...

Anex is really underused, and it's a shame.

Her best item is Valkyrie Charm, because her boomerang chakkra is too slow on its own, especially comparing it to yoshiro's rising dragon.

Anonymous said...

Anex rocks. I beat 2 of my opponents characters and got another to about half health before she died. She may be a bit situational, but I use her in my "CardsWithSkillsThatHitsFleeingEnemies* deck:)

genesisoflife said...

Anex is seriously underated. She's my Pheobe killer, my Helene killer, and Power Toss works great if they can't switch out.