Thursday, July 10, 2008

Typing Ninja Hunter

Inner Ninja Challenge

If you can type, this is ridiculously easy. If you can't, you have a week to learn. GO!

Typing Ninja Hunter
by Andvari
In Ninja Hunter it's up to you to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas! The only qualification: can you spell 'Ninja'? We sure hope so, because spelling correctly and quickly is the only way to stave off this martial arts onslaught.

The "Challenge"

25,000 points scored on survival, medium You must set it to medium and play survival mode. Your score will not submit until your game has ended, at which point it will submit automatically.

Well, this game is ridiculously simple, but if you haven't learned how to type, this could be a particularly difficult challenge for you.

What you have to do is simply type the words above the ninja's names, (And occasionally a shuriken will fly by with a letter) and if they make it to the archway you are standing on, and pass it, you will lose a little health. (Or, rather, your "Temple" will.)

There really is no "strategy" as this game is all skill. There is a small element of luck involved, but not really enough to affect the game significantly. All you can do to decrease the difficulty of this challenge is to learn to type, if you haven't already.

I'm assuming most of the regulars on Kongregate know how to touch-type, but if not, good luck with this challenge, as you're going to need it!

The only tip I can give you, is to save your rage for when you really it. The last thing you want is to waste your rage on two enemies, then almost get killed by several enemies at once. (Believe me, this tip comes from experience. :P)

(In addition, this is my first "real" post on COCAK, so let me know if I've done something "wrong".)



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