Tuesday, August 5, 2008



For all your Amorphous+ walkthroughs, card obtaining, and more I'd like to send you to our affiliate KCCG.

Amorphous+ All Awards Guide

Amorphous+ Card Only Guide


Anonymous said...

I Hate Amalgams they are nearly impossible to kill. They are way too fast. They are basically fast oozles that can absorb more enemies to get bigger. Their speed makes them unfair as they cannot be outrun. As a prominent blog you can point out this feature of the game and maybe a patch can be released so that Amalgams can be slowed. The hard badge for Kongregate to defeat a big nest is impossible when an Amalgam is in play. The purple guys are really gay but being hit by a purple guy + amalgam is certain death. I have many medals and play with 2 rewards- there is no way to get the hard badge! the game is messed up!

Umm... said...

Don't kill it then, get it off the screen. Besides, if it's that bad put on some armor (and a haz suit if purples bother you) and kamikaze to blow it up. Not that hard.

Simple solution, no need to get your panties in a twist and try and change a good game.