Tuesday, August 5, 2008



+/- Level Codes

redj77 - Unlocks levels 9-12
thecvn - Unlocks levels 13-16
cb2000 - Unlocks levels 17-20
dm1177 - Unlocks levels 21-24
hf0911 - Unlocks levels 25-28
gdsffd - Unlocks levels 29-32
ph1177 - Unlocks levels 33-36
If anyone has the code for 37-40 please comment (It's hard to play on a laptop)

Switch is a simple color collector from actionsprite, the mechanics are simple enough, if your white collect white balls, when black collect black balls. Switch by clicking the mouse. The greatness that comes within this game isn't the simple mechanic that quickly becomes addicting it's the little guy that eats your stuff. He even poops out little power-ups that allow you to change ball colors, make balls follow you, or stop time. This game is a fun play-through although one bad thing is that parts of the game are site-locked as in you can't play the whole game on Kongregate only the single core mode. Although after playing through there isn't much of a loss there.

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Anonymous said...

Password for 37 - 40 is jmc678

- Karakura