Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Clean Desk

Clean Desk Badge
Game:Desktop Tower Defense
Level: Medium (15 Points)

Requirements: Score 5,000 points on medium in Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Strategy Overview:
Use a maze from the original website
Build Maze and Squirt Towers near the middle first.

In-Depth Strategy:

The best thing to do for this challenge would be to use a pre-made maze from here, although a little creativity never hurt. You want to start mazing, and stop once the enemy can't reach about the middle part of your maze, then finish it off shortly after. Always upgrade the squirt towers in the middle part of the maze first (if you are using squirt towers) because those towers help you kill the air, and without them, you'll probably leak . Likewise, if you're getting anti-air towers, be sure to upgrade them before the air levels.

At the time of this post, I personally recommend Kevin's maze (the one that got 5866 points on normal) because i am a huge fan of massing squirt towers. If you can beat normal mode, usually you can get 5000 points, so just focus on beating it without leaking.

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