Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Generic Achievement

Generic Achievement Badge
Game: Generic Defense Game
Level:Hard (30 Points)

Requirements: Score 100,000 points in Ultimate Survival in Generic Defense Game.

Strategy Overview: Follow Score Guide to spend as little time as possible on this game.

In-Depth Strategy:
The scoring for this game is as follows:
5000 points for each level you complete
X amount of points that you have when you die.
A one time bonus of 5000 points if you play normal mode.
A one time bonus of 10000 points if you play hard mode.

The easy difficulty probably is the best way to go to complete this challenge. In that case, i suggest your purchases to go Shotgun>Assault Rifle>Chaingun. By playing easy, you need to complete 19 Levels and have 5000 points (which you should have leftover) in order to get 100,000 points. It's really not that hard on easy, and it tests your patience more than your actual skill level.