Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Sniper

Sniper Badge
Game: The Last Stand
Level: Impossible (60 Points)

Requirements: Get 700 headshots in a single game in The Last Stand

Strategy Overview:Blow up and smash zombie brain.

In-Depth Strategy:

The granddaddy of all the badges, christened by greg as "impossible" (although I personally think that the 30 levels of rings is worse). There's a lot of ways to go about this; some people tech to high level weapons, while other people don't.

My strategy is to start the game putting 3 hours into finding survivors, and the rest into repairing your barricade to near 100% and finding weapons. I continue doing this throughout the rest of the game until i get hunting rifle, in which then i just spend all my points repairing the barricade. The reason i do this is because the 3 hours gets you one survivor, which is all you need later on. More survivors might look good at a glance, but they do steal zombie kills, and you have to be alert to the zombie that your survivor is shooting, and be sure to headshot that one before he kills it. The reason why i only have one survivor is because once i finish getting the hunting rifle, more survivors and weapons are useless, so i only need enough survivors to repair 100% a day (which is 1 survivor not including myself).

My main weapon choice is Pistol to Pistol/Revolver to Revolver/Uzi to Revolver/Chainsaw to Chainsaw/Hunting Rifle.

The easiest weapons to headshot with are the revolver, chainsaw and hunting rifle from my experience, since they require little headshots to actually kill the zombie (and the chainsaw is just so easy to aim), and you don't shoot a lot of bullets, so the bullets don't spray and end up in their stomachs or something. Use the revolver and hunting rifle from afar, then switch to the uzi and chainsaw when they are attacking your barricade. If there are multiple zombies attacking your barricade, always aim for the one topmost of your screen, unless your certain that shooting a lower one won't hit the ones above it. The zombies near the top of the screen usually body-block the zombies beneath them (as in, you shoot for a zombie near the middle of the screen, but the one directly above it blocks your shot with its leg or something). When using the chainsaw, you want to start it up near the tip of the head, and move onto the head, so you don't hit the body.

Note that this strategy later on can cause massive damage to your barricade, since being careful on headshots inevitably leads to more zombie attacks. It's ok as long as you don't get below 20%, since you fully repair the barricade each day anyways.


renny141 said...

Just to let you guys know, if you die on one of the later levels and then press retry, you will start again from where you left off. And guess what? The headshots you get this time are added to the total you had from before you died (yayz!). This is because it is still technically the same SINGLE game. If this was to get out, I think that the difficulty rating would be adjusted and you would no longer get 60 points for it. So I'd do it now if I were you. Oh, and you can use the retry method many times during the same game. (I don't think it will be game over). If you don't believe me on this, then ask someone else or try it yourself. I hope this helped!

Nab said...

Don't post/abuse glitches...

Anyways, what I do is get NO survivors, and don't repair the wall. When there is no wall, stand near the back and the zombies come in the same place so you barely need to aim (well you must move the cursor down for the dog). When you have the chainsaw just chainsaw the zombies heads in, reload when chainsawing because that way it's instant. Reload takes longer when you're outta fuel. This way all (or almost all) your kills are headshots (from when the wall breaks), and 700 will be easy :P. Just remember NOT to repair (because you'll have to move, which is boring), and NOT to get survivors, because they often take away potential headshots. Also, if you shoot zombies while theyre coming (none near to chainsaw), it's easier to miss the headshot than if you chainsaw them.

Dazzer said...

Beware the dreaded glitch.
If you have a slow firing weapon, and you die while firing it, and retry, the game will glitch, and you will be unable to fire.

Reason is because the game doesn't reset its "end of fire" flag or something, so it thinks that it hasn't finished firing, thus you can't fire. Will submit a bug report

Dbtking111 said...

great glitch here,must have 1 gun and the chainsaw as a back up and at start of level

1)press space
2)hold down left mouse button
3)press space
4)realease left mouse button
5)press space TWICE

in that order and you will have 99 ammo!

note: after you use 99 ammo you will have to repeat process

note: this works incredibly with hunting rifle and will usually last you each level wthout reloading at all!

Anonymous said...

i get all weapons up to hunting rifle then use a cheat to get 99 bullets with the hunting rifle...u do this by takin the chainsaw and hunting rifle into battle...then use the chainsaw and hold the mouse button down then click spacebar...and most of ur ammo should be gone keep holding the mouse button down then w8 for the chainsaw to reload then click spacebar about 3 more times and swithch to ur hunting rifle and its done 99 bullets...this is when the headshots begin

Anonymous said...

accually what you do is get a chain saw as secondary and hunting rifle as primary, and right when you shoot with the hunting rifle press space and then you should get 99 ammo, because it thinks that you switched to chainsaw but you didnt if you did it right.

Kong "Grin" Gates said...

Check out a more detailed article regarding this achievement badge in "How to Kongregate - The Last Stand"!