Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Counter-Terrorists Win

Counter-Terrorists Win Badge
Game: B29 Assault
Difficulty: Medium (15 points)

Requirements: Complete all 6 levels of B29 Assault

Strategy Overview: Use the yellow spread shot and shield upgrade.

In-Depth Strategy:

For this game, the easiest way to complete it is using the yellow spread shot as your primary weapon and the shield as your secondary. The way the shield works is that you simply click and drag a line near your ship (has to be fairly close) and hold the mouse when your line is done, and it reflects all shots but lasers back, keeping you out of harms way. Spread shot is taken because of the huge area it covers.

Stay near the middle of the screen, and keep your shield up, while just shooting. Bosses are killed just like the rest of the level, except you have to dodge and reposition if they have lasers, since those go through the shield. Wouldn't hurt to use some nukes on them as well, since shield is just so effective that you wont have to normally use nukes.

Note that the forward portion and backwards portion together counts as 2 levels.

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Kong "Grin" Gates said...

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