Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Defender of Earth

Defender of Earth Badge
Game: P.O.D
Difficulty: Hard (30 Points)

Requirements: Defeat the final mothership in P.O.D

Strategy Overview: Position your tanks smartly. Conserve turret ammo. Follow boss strategies.

In-Depth Strategy: For the first couple of levels, just use your turret skills and fend them off. When the bombers attack, your priority list should go: Bombs>Bombers>Other guys.
I find it helpful to just shoot in the direction of where the bomber/bomb is heading towards, so when it reaches that point, it'll go into the crossfire and die.

Later on, position your tanks directly underneath the buildings that are under constant bombardment. That way, you can just switch tanks and shoot directly up and destroy the bombs without worry of aiming at an angle.

For the "beast", you have to shoot it either with a missile-type power-up, or with your turret shots modified into a laser or spread shot. Normal shots don't effect it directly, you have to stun it with a power-up then shoot it.

For the mothership, It's more of your buildings not taking massive damage before the fight, so try to protect them as much as you can. When the mothership appears, give it all you got and shoot directly at it until it sends out 2 small ships. Those ships will generate a shield that protect the mothership from all damage, so kill them as fast as you can. Otherwise, it's just an endurance battle, and if you have enough buildings, you can shoot it down and get your badge.


Hero Interactive said...

A less known trick is that when the mother ship is first shown destroying your gun and then leaves, you have a few seconds to shoot it with your tanks before it moves off screen.

Damage done here will still count in the coming battle at the end! It's a great way to get in some massive damage ahead of time, and will make things much easier.

MRH the pie said...

I found something interesting in P.O.D. If you click wildly as the turret instead of holding the mouse button your energy is hardly drained at all, and your firing rate is almost as good, if not better, depending on your psycho clicky skills. Not applicable for the two tanks though.

Dexmente said...

just left one badge, Preschool Artist Badge, that is one that left me and i think that is so tough

Kong "Grin" Gates said...

Check out a more detailed article regarding this achievement badge in "How to Kongregate: P.O.D."!