Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Defender of the Universe

Defender of the Universe Badge
Game: Gamma Bros
Difficulty: Hard (30 points)

Requirements: Defeat the last boss without using the level 3 password in Gamma Bros

Strategy Overview: Pew pew laser beams!

In-Depth Strategy: Although i didn't skip level 1, you can by following the instructions below the game. There's really no real strategy, except choose defense over offense, so if you could either kill a thing and risk dying, or not kill it and not die, go with the second option.

If you face the boss with the 3 ships going into the shadows and attacking, wait until a ship goes horizontal in the shadows, and go to the lower corner of the edge where it disappeared off of. It will probably appear above you and shoot a huge laser. That's your chance to do massive damage.

For the last boss, always kill the shadow things it spawns. I shot it for 3-5 seconds then killed off the shadow ships it spawned, then repeated.

Good luck!


Kong "Grin" Gates said...
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"How to Kongregate" said...

For an alternative walkthrough about this game, read "How to Kongregate: Gamma Bros."

Ryokashi said...

Stop spamming, How to Kongregate.

Your "tips" all involve hex editors and similar cheats. Learn to play the game yourself.