Thursday, July 12, 2007

Badge: Apocalyptic Entrepreneur

Apocalyptic Entrepreneur Badge
Game: Caravaneer
Level: Medium (15 Points)

Requirements: Get your business rolling with $10,000 worth of assets after exiting a town.

Strategy: You start off in Poca Cosa, where you learn that your uncle recently died and left his inheritance to you. Talk to the sheriff in town and you will receive a Springfield M1903, $1000, and a mule.The sheriff says your uncle was one of the best caravaneers he's seen and wonders if you'll follow suit.....we shall see. Stock up on food and water, and then buy some leather. Exit the town around 253 degrees to the left and you should hit a town called Caganel. Sell the leather here for a profit. then click on the people button and hire the cheapest person you can find. Give them a weapon if you have acquired one from a bandit or robber that you have killed. continue this back and forth until you can buy a wagon. Sell items that you don't need that you got from bandits and robbers along the way. Next head to Poca Cosa and buy shoes and head 90 degrees north to Drushlak. Sell the shoes for double the profit, upgrade any weapons or buy supplies you might need. Mind you, you don't have to have $10,000 in cash you can also have it in cash and items. Do this and in no time you should get the badge in no time.It's really quiet easy once you get on your feet and have a few people that help you defend your caravan.


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