Friday, July 13, 2007

Challenge #17: National Eagle Day

National Eagle Day
Do what eagles do, causing mayhem and destruction to unlock the Sacred Candle card!


Nuclear Eagle by
DrNeroCF and luksy

From the makers of The Fancy Pants Adventures and The Classroom series, keep your babies healthy and happy by feeding them their favorite meal. Protect them for as long as you can when food starts to fight back!

How Cute! - Score 1,000 points in the country stage in Nuclear Eagle. Your score will be recorded once your game has ended.
Who knew that you can take away Fragment's post for a Card Guide without telling him? Oh well. It's easy to get 1k points in the game.
Tips: When the police car arrives,try to stack people on the car. However, if you stack too much,it'll explode and no points will be given. Police Car = 2 people Max. Swat Car = 3 People Max. The other vehicles,I don't really know.
Tip 2: Once the tanks arrives,quickly throw it at the army soldiers coming out.
Tip 3: It's really nice to focus on the bird nest itself,as after you level up to 2,the enemies can shoot at the nest,and after a certain level,people will flock in from the right too. Vehicles FTW whenever there's a crowd though.

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