Friday, July 13, 2007

Badge: "Do You Has A Flavour?"

"Do You Has a Flavor?" Badge
Game: Nuclear Eagle

Level : Hard ( 30 Points)

Requirements: Enter the country and feed delicious humans to your young until level 10

Strategy: Throw humans to younglings, then throw people on vehicles,then throw vehicles on people,then throw vehicles at other vehicles, then throw vehicles on people. Easy,right? Wait,what,NO? Alright Alright.

In-Depth Strategy: From levels 1-3, just keep throwing the humans to your younglings.Once on level 4, police cars start arriving.That's when you throw the people on the police car ( Max. 2 people), and then throwing them from afar. More Vehicles will start to appear soon,but no threats...until the army arrives. Once the army arrives,throw a vehicle on the green tank,and watch the explosions.Rinse and repeat,till' you get to level 10.

Oh,and remember to feed babies to the younglings for health. While at it,might as well tell you guys to protect your nest too...

Oops,too late.


Juze said...

Look badge name, it is "has", not "have".

Kyriva said...

For the whole thing I'd recommend just tossing the humans from the LHS of the screen into your nest. All it should take is a quick flick at 50 to 60 degrees, practice on the lower levels. Flick as quickly as possible, I think maximum power without moving should get you a pretty good return. Get the vehicles as soon as they come, and aim for other vehicles, then for people. When no vehicles, clear up under the nest with quick vertical flicks, then back to LHS.