Saturday, July 7, 2007

Badge: Immaculate Desk

Immaculate Desk Badge
Game: Desktop Tower Defense 1.5
Difficulty: Impossible (60 Points)

Requirements: Load up The 100 (challenge mode) and score 12,000 points in Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Strategy Overview: Air assault! Juggle those non-air creeps! Kill them with one fully upped bash tower!

In-Depth Strategy:

Maze Used: I personally used Dedendre's map, shown here.
I like his maze for 2 reasons.
1.The 3 exits really help for juggling.
2.The amount of air and boost towers is sufficient enough to kill the air.

Early Game:First of all, start building the maze logically (top right first then follow the paths), but instead of getting frost/anti-air/bash towers first, just make pellet towers in place of them, and dont bother filling the inside of the middle part thats full with swarm and boost towers yet. After the first boss, immediately sell the pellet tower that's in the bash towers position and build a bash tower there. The bash tower takes care of all the waves up to swarm, so feel free to send ALL the waves (stop at dark, so swarm and air is next). Once you have the money, replace a pellet tower for an air tower (any one in the middle according to his map will do), and upgrade it to level 2 ASAP. Usually, i tend to find that since i maze a lot in the beginning, i have enough money for the level 2 upgrade just after i kill 3 air creeps, so you can upgrade it to level 2 in the early-mid stage of the air wave, but be sure to have it. Once you completed your maze, i would first get a couple of frosts, then upgrade your air towers first. After an air wave, feel free to send all the creeps (stop at dark). Your main priorities are air towers, then when your towers are overkilling the air waves, upgrade those bash towers. I would build and fully upgrade the 6 air towers in the middle 2 rows first, then start making and upgrading swarms in the middle of those 2. It might be more effective to build and upgrade boost towers that fully touch 4 of the anti-air towers instead of getting 6 first.

Juggling:When you send all those waves from the end of air up to swarm, you have to juggle them. Juggling is when you block off 2 of the 3 exits of your maze, forcing the creeps to go through the last remaining exit. When they are about to reach the exit, you destroy one of the towers that you used to block an exit, and build a tower over the exit they're about to go to, forcing them to go to the exit you just opened. Using this strategy, you can juggle them for an infinite amount of time ,untill your bash tower kills them, allowing youu to mass those anti-air towers. I like to juggle: top right open, then i close that and open bottom left, then close that and open bottom right, then just repeat that over and over.

End-Game: By now, you should have lots of anti-air towers, and creeps being juggled around in your maze, and slowly being killed by your bash tower. By following my strategy, I got the 12k points JUST before the 91st air wave, and i had 2 lives before. it came. I also leaked a lot on the air wave ebfore the 91st, so be sure to really upgrade those air towers in preparation for the air wave before the 91st one. For the very last set of waves, I decided to send all of them, except the dark one, giving me some extra time to kill them. It turned out to be good, because i barely made it, so be sure to send 1 less wave than you usually do at that time.

Sell all your anti-air and stuff after 84 because 91 will kill you. And make more bash towers... Make sure you don't make a shortcut by accident. -- Nabb

Dart towers could also be a good replacement, as it'll cover or range than bash towers.

If you have any comments about this; something you'd like me to add, an error in my writing, something is unclear, etc, feel free to post a comment.


Nab said...

Sell all your anti-air and stuff after 84 because 91 will kill you. And make more bash towers... Make sure you don't make a shortcut by accident.

Nick said...

The pic is gone...

NorthernPolarity said...

what pic?

Anonymous said...

what's your early strategy? I can't seem to get started....