Friday, July 6, 2007

Challenge #16: Icon Invasion! Extravaganza

Icon Invasion! Extravaganza!

Eyeballs! Spiders! PRINTERS! Oh the humanity! Fight back against waves of unspeakable evil to save your stick-figure heroes and unlock the Elusive Feather card.

Game Included
by gaby
A tower defence game that offers much more than the usual fare, with multiple upgrade paths, many maps, keyboard shortcuts and comination attacks.

The Challenge
1/3 Sparta Fight back 100 waves of vicious icons on any map. Too easy? Then try your hand at the newest impossible achievement in Desktop Tower Defense 1.5. It's slightly more difficult.
So.. this challenge is quite simply put by its description that well its easy. All you truly have to do is put say 5 towers at the entrance, and constantly upgrade those. Make sure they are Rockets, because they are easily the best.
Just keep them there, upgrade the range and rate of fire three times, then upgrade the damage (thankies Blink). Thats about all you have to do, and just let the waves come, because if you get click crazy on the next wave button you'll find yourself overwhelmed.

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