Thursday, July 5, 2007

Badge: Preschool Artist

Preschool Artist Badge
Game: Draw-Play 2
Level: Medium (15 points)

Requirements: Complete every level on easy mode in Draw-Play 2

Alright so for this, it is definetly easy to beat it might just take a few hundred tries. Just to find the right path

In-Depth Strategy:

For spinning wheels, the gap of a line and then an opening is the best way to go through
You can chill in the base of swinging poles and such.
To get through a moving line, just find a opening wide enough where it switches direction, that point will give you the most time through
Keep your eye on the goal because it may move
Turrets don't hurt you if you touch them, so stay at the base of them if you are afraid to be fired upon
Always remember, if there seems to be doubt, ink up =]

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