Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Castlewars tourney is now officially over

Started by Sprint45_45 the castlewars tourney has been dragged on throughout the weeks due to scheduling problems but now it is at a close. Its been a intense tournament as 24 members of Kongregate competed in the official Castlewars tournament for 100 Kong points.

2nd Round Bracket:

3rd Round Bracket:

Semi-Finals: It was Phammen vs. Myself (FRAGM3NT) and Themepark vs. Nick

Fight for third: After two glorious battles Phammen and Themepark lost their Semi-Final rounds with phammen11 winning 113 to 48

Heres is where the intense yet short lived castlewars battle occured, with single elimination, Nick and FRAGM3NT (myself) played the final round, with Nick winning at a glorious 107 to 65

The final change of plans the blew it all on my part was that I wanted to wait one more turn before i let off a banshee, yet I could've just attacked for 12 and Nick would've been below 100 still. Darn my decision making =P

Congratulations Nick you deserve it.

There should be third and second place points too (wink wink)

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