Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Future Games of Kongregate

Here it is to build the hype. These games certainly will be seen as staples in the next wave of kong games. Hopefully all of these games mentioned will be put up on Kong. If you have any games that you think should be added to this list just comment on this blog post before the end of August and your comment will be added.

From the top developers

1. arcaneCoder ~ Pillage the Village (hoping for this game on Kong its currently up on XGen Studios)

2. Herointeractive ~ Stormwinds

3. Herointeractive ~ Microbe Kombat

4. Herointeractive ~ Bubble tanks 2

5. Truedarkness & Buzzwerd ~ Untitled

6. Truedarkenss & Atomic-Noodle ~ Untitled

7. Eggy ~ Laser Tank Defense

8. Eggy ~ Draw-Play 3

9. DrNerocf ~Fancy Pants World 2 (Demo here)

10. NegativeONE ~ Codename "Kinetic"

11. Damijin ~ Oh Bouy!

Theres just a few games that might possibly be the future challenge games of kong.

Also in the video demo for stormwinds, I noticed that the menu said deluxe.. do I sense a hint of a Kongregate premium game?


Malachi said...

What about "Oh Buoy!" that Damijin is making? He's uploading the latest versions of the game here:

Anonymous said...

I would wish the maker of Maganic Wars would consider the site. His games could have some nice badges.

damijin said...

I forgot about Oh Buoy for a little while! Back to work on it today, we need to have it done by October for a local contest... so I need to get cracking.

Also, bout Pillage the Village. Arcane loves it over at Kongregate, but XGen tends to be ultra-exclusive about their titles, so I wouldn't get your hopes up. The same goes for Luksy and 2d Array's "Stranded 2".

Cheers :D

"How to Kongregate" said...

Read "How to Kongregate: Draw-Play 2" for a professional comment on the game!