Friday, August 24, 2007

Challenge #23: Bouncy Ball of Souls

Bouncy Ball of Souls Challenge
Guide your heroic yellow ball through treacherous caves of horror in pursuit of the Gem of Souls card!

Amberial by oddgoo (New Dev. in Kongregate! Welcome!)

Roll and bounce in this mystical cave spanned along 15 levels filled with contraptions that will challenge your gaming-skills !

The Challenge
Ending tick - Complete Level 12 in Amberial

This challenge is (finally) not really an easy one. The skills you need for this game is hand-eye co-ordination and stuff! And the rat...wait, this isn't a review? Sorry.

So, all you need to do is just play along with the game, and do not touch any red stuff. Remember this: If you're not going for the badge, just head to the exit, and forget about the Aces. (If you want the badge though, grab them so you don't need to take them later again.)

I'll advice you though, the last level is one of the harder ones, as you need to hurry up. Why not just get closer to the laser instead of furthur from it (hint,hint.)

Twelve down, three to go, butttt....

You have achieved the Gem of Souls Card! (Souls.Abilities.Braaainnnsss...)


Matt said...

I'm curious about where the Ace is in level 13... I just can't seem to find it at all.

ohshitgreatness said...

yeah me neither.

FunkyGibbon said...

Also important to remember: If you've picked up the Ace, you've picked it up and it counts. Even if you haven't finished the level.

The Ace in level 13 needs to be activated:
-First, go right to activate it by touching the "A" button.
-Then, go back to where you started; the A will be right over the force field in the middle
-Go back right until you reach the exit.

Sylicas said...

Errr...hay, this is for the level 12 and below Ambriel Chat! :P.