Friday, August 17, 2007

Challenge #22: Rock Attack

Rock Attack Challenge
Fight your way through waves of human slime to protect the noble asteroids and unlock the Ambrosia card!

Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive by AdamSchroeder

Defend yourself and other innocent asteroids from the human threat!
25 levels, final boss, followed by a free-for-all level to compete for high scores
4 different endings depending on your performance
Lots of work and love… I truly hope you enjoy it! (Had to be shortened :P)

The Challenge:
The Final Battle Begins - Destroy 1,000 human ships. Your score is in the upper-right corner.

Boohyah! Get the heck ready to destroy a heck lot of ships for revenge, for what they've done to you can NEVER be forgivable! Ah well.
This challenge is quite easy,I'll give you that. Try to avoid getting the ally power-up, as it has no use, as the game supplies them all. Ah well. If you're going for the badge, I highly recommend that you better get 10 Speed, then pump the rest into the Shield,as why do you need to grow and have your allies help you if you have ultimate defenses against that sort of thing?
Just remember this, it will save your life. Blue Mines hurt you and red minse hurt your allies. Yup, I can't believe how many people forget that. Good Luck!

Yay, hooray, woo-hoo!


You've achieved Ambrosia, the Blood Worshipper!(bewbz = winz0rs - Greg):P

Some stuff bout' the card - I like the face :D. Reminds me of my girlfriend :P.

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