Friday, August 17, 2007

Badge: Rock Mobster

Rock Mobster Badge
Game: Asteroids Revenge 3
Difficulty: Hard - 30 points

Requirements:Destroy 7,000 vile humans and learn their terrible secret in Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive

Strategy: Speed and Armours FTW!

In-Depth Strategy: If I were you, I'll pump 10 speed first, then pump the rest into Shield. Why bother getting Ally + when you get free ones? Why get the grow thing when you can transfer onto another asteroid? And why get ally protection when you got defense? Who knows :P.

Anyway,after doing that and completing the boss, "Try to get close to the edge, but not TOO close, as the mines go repel in if you do so.", and you should get 7K of kills in about 10 minutes time.


Kent Spank said...

For a slightly more detailed guide I popped this on the forums

Chitown15 said...

I'd recommend more shielding and less speed but thats just me.

blackhole42 said...

Yeah, I'd say 4 speed and then the rest shields - trust me, it works.

Nab said...

I had like 11 speed and 11 shield or something - Got up to over 2000 size once but then a mine.... yeh, you get the idea :(

ohshitgreatness said...

Beyond the first two mandatory speeds, I went with armour for the rest. With careful movement (stay inside), less damage was done to me than I gained back. I also sent the asteroids into motion (held down C) and let them hit the corners and mines. I got ~7500 kills doing so.